Jual Radio Rig Icom IC V8000 Supports Three Types Of Scanning

Jual Radio Rig Icom IC V8000 Supports Three Types Of Scanning

Radio Rig Icom IC V8000

Detail Sell Radio Rig Icom IC V8000

The Icom IC V8000 is a powerhouse. This 2 meter FM mobile features high power output coupled with a rugged die cast design and an easy to read alphanumeric display. You can even change the display from amber to green. The transmitter delivers a big 75 watts of output 75 25 10 5 watts selectable . You will be kept informed of weather emergencies with the Weather Alert and Weather Channel Scan features USA version only . The fully customizable memory system is awesome. A total of 207 channels in ten banks are supported including 1 call channel and 6 scan edge channels . Each memory is alphanumeric and stores a 6 character name tone frequency skip info and more The V8000 supports three types of scanning. 200 Alpha Memories 75 Watts Output 10 dB Squelch Attenuator Weather Alert and Weather Scan Remote Backlit Hand Mic Transmitter Output power continuously adjustable 75 25 10 5 W selectable Maximum frequency deviation wide narrow 5.0 2.5 kHz Spurious emission Less than 60 dB Microphone connector 8 pin modular 600 Receiver Receive system Double conversion superheterodyne system Intermediate frequencies 1st 21.7 MHz 2nd 450 kHz Receive Sensitivity 0.15 V at 12dB SINAD Selectivity wide narrow More than 6 3 kHz at 6dB Less than 14 9 kHz at 60 dB Spurious and image rejection ratio 75dB typical Intermodulation rejection 75dB typical Audio output power at 13.8 V DC More than 2.0W at 10 distortion with an 8 load Ext SP connector 3 connector 3.5 d mm 1 8 8


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